Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Skin Of RF Online

Hello Guys,, do you know me???? ,, 
Let me intoduce my self,, i am a gamers online,,,, but i am not so fanatic that always do everything to get his ambition,,, hehehe,
This will make your skin on the rf online will be better,,,,
The Screen Shot aslike this
is it cool???? ,, For me it is Very Cool :D
Ok i will share how to make Black Skin Of Rf Online:

1. Download this File click this
2. If your language is indonesia, just exstrac to : Folder RF=>SpriteImage=>En-ID
3. and if your language is Eropa , Amerika etc , extrac to :

 ok,, finish,,, hoaaammm,, sleeepy :D

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can't download. .
can you repair or repost this page for download. ?

Thanks For Your Comments Friends... By Imaduddin

Page not found! damn u!

Thanks For Your Comments Friends... By Imaduddin

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